My professional training SERVICES include:

One on one Personal Training

One on one Personal Training 1 hour private session, becoming a self published author and publisher rather if its creating blog’s, novels including poetry. Writing for social media companies, newsletter, all industry base production.

Session starts at $50.00 with extended time


40 minute session. Access to personal story-telling, vision map and intellectual property with creating a best selling novel.

Session starts at $75.00

Monthly zoom chat video

Monthly zoom chat video Training for beginners needed extended time a session, creating and coming up with a plot, setting, theme. Finding out how to create a story base from their own experiences and imagination.

Session starts at $50.00 with extended time


Self help novel base off of fiction and non-fiction, inspirational on what keeps other successful people cut different from the rest peace and victory all in one.

Physical copy $15.99
$8.99 Digital copy

Ghost Writing Services

My professional Ghost writing services can help you write a book and leave a legacy. Become a thought leader. Publish a book. Save time and money using the services provide. Prices to vary contact me today for a personalize quote.

Session starts at $50.00 with extended time