Lamour Bluitt Self Published Author

Support and always promote yourself nobody else will. You are only in control of your own destiny, funds and desires. Lamour steps in leading, each of his clients wherever they are in their journey, providing the guidance and support each individual needs to meet their goals.

Mentorship Training 1 on 1 session Base on your individual needs, and session starts at $100.00, with intellectual property.

Story-Telling & Vision Map Blueprint 1on1 Training

Zoom video chat

$75.00, session for only 40 min.

For beginners needed extended time $50.00, monthly zoom chat video

Purchase physical copy paperback $15.99

Ebook digital copy $8.99


Hey bro I just wanted to thank you for your motivational words and knowledge! You're a great friend and very intelligent guy. Thank you for the book you took time to write! You'll get out to the entire world if you keep on this successful path! Appreciate everything 👊
Richie Rilling